Even if you feel as healthy as an ox, your body has probably accumulated a good deal of toxins over the years. If you have never gone on a detox, the buildup of impurities will eventually begin manifesting in the form of premature aging, aching joints, chronic fatigue, and more. While there are multiple ways to go about a body detox, a bone broth cleanse is one of the more efficient and hassle-free ways.

Why Go on a Bone Broth Cleanse?

Various lifestyle factors can lead to the buildup of stuff in your body that shouldn’t be in there. This includes metals, allergens, CO2, and the list goes on. These are collectively known as endocrine disruptors, and they inhibit everyday normal function of your cells, organs, intestines, etc.

Unhealthy habits contribute to toxic buildup. This includes following a crap diet, such as consuming fast food or hormone-injected and grain-fed meat. Beyond diet, smoking, drinking, or living in an air-polluted city also add to the accruement.

Stress is another facet. If you’re constantly anxious or feeling overwhelmed, the unhealthy mental state does have a chemical and physical effect on your body. In essence, stress reduces your ability to fight off dangerous free radicals.

You and I all have some degree of toxins in our body. No one is immune since toxins can enter your body through any of the orifices and even through your skin. Even if you eat clean and breathe fresh air, a bone broth cleanse can only help you.

How to Approach a Bone Broth Cleanse

There is one particular method we advocate, though in no way are we suggesting this is the one and only way. We believe bone broth goes hand-in-hand with intermittent fasting, which itself is another excellent detox method. By consuming broth and fasting, you are cleaning your internal system through a dual pathway.

To go about the process, we recommend drinking broth about halfway through your fasting period or in lieu of breakfast. A cup of broth, by the way, only has about 10-15 calories, so you’re hardly breaking your fast in case you’re wondering.

Broth is also beneficial in this instance since the amino acids are known to help suppress appetite. If hunger makes fasting a tremendous mental battle, then broth will keep you just a bit more satiated.

Does a Bone Broth Cleanse Really Work?

Is there evidence that this really works? Without the science to back it up, everything we just said can be chalked up to holistic woo-woo mumbo jumbo.

Fortunately, research is actually available that validates the efficacy of broth as a cleanser. One study shows that glycine (an amino acid found in broth) may assist in kidney function and health.  The kidney has the monumental 24/7 task of shielding the bloodstream from toxins and eliminating harmful waste through your urine.

Other studies show that glycine may have anti-inflammatory properties and fight against inflammatory bowel disease. In short, the amino acid is pivotal for smooth bowel movements. The bowels remove toxins through your stools, so this part and the large intestines need to be in prime health.

Glycine and other important amino acids like proline make up collagen protein. Collagen is the main macronutrient in broth. This protein has numerous benefits, among of which is improving dermal health. Studies show collagen peptides promote skin elasticity. Keep in mind that the skin itself is an organ. As the outermost layer of your body, the epidermis aids in the elimination of toxins. Every time you sweat, the body is eliminating the bad stuff through perspiration.

How Much Bone Broth Should I Drink Daily?

People always ask us “How much broth should I drink daily?” Our answer tends to shock them.

The good news is that you don’t need to consume an entire kettle of broth. For healthy individuals, we recommend two to three quarts during a cleanse. If you experience recurring issues, such as brittle skin, arthritis pain, or rough stools, then bump up the daily servings to four quarts.

Yes, we realize this may seem like a lot, but this isn’t permanent. A cleansing period lasts for about one to two weeks. Unless you add additional ingredients, broth is also all-natural, so no need to worry about side effects.

If even two quarts is too much for you, then start with one quart (four cups) and build your way up.

Once you’re done with the cleanse, a maintenance of one to two cups a day should be enough.

The Best Broth for a Cleanse

There is no best single broth type. If making homemade broth from scratch, we suggest using a diverse mix of bones from beef, chicken, and fish. See our post on broth recipes for making hearty and all-natural broth.

Bone broth also lasts upwards of week in the fridge, so no need to make a new batch every day.

If even making broth occasionally is too much of an undertaking, then we suggest taking a supplement like Total Bone Broth. This product provides an on-the-go solution for folks that don’t have the time to spare in a kitchen. Feel free to mix and match between real broth soup and supplements.

Here’s the bottom line: however you approach the process, a bone broth cleanse is a relatively easy and inexpensive gateway to better health. You’ll feel the difference in your mind and body and slap yourself silly for not thinking of it before.

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