We are firm believers that Mother nature has a solution to every health woe under the sun. Cascara Sagrada is one of these solutions and provides an alternative relief for anyone having trouble answering nature’s call.

When you make a trip to the loo, are you having trouble “dropping off the kids?” You’re not alone if you do. Due to the prevalence of constipation, we wanted to introduce Cascara Sagrada as a natural and side-effect free remedy.

What is Cascara Sagrada?

Cascara Sagrada, also known as cascara buckthorn, is a plant species native to northwestern sections of North America. The plant has multiple medicinal properties but is especially renowned as a laxative. In fact, it was used by indigenous North American tribes to correct problems associated with inconsistent stool movement. This goes to show that constipation existed even before the days of processed and preservative-laden foods. The malady, though, has exploded in modern America due to the quick access to greasy spoons and other garbage we put in our bodies.

What’s Wrong with Synthetic Laxatives?

As with any other form of synthetic drugs and medication, there are side effects for sensitive users. This may include bloating, cramping, and increased thirst. These are just the minor side effects. Overdosing on synthetic laxatives carries great risk of serious internal injury.

Artificially produced laxatives contain sodium phosphate. This works by drawing water away from the body in order to assist in the transportation of stools out of the body. Exceeding dosage recommendations may result in dehydration and kidney damage in more serious scenarios. According to a CBS News report, at least 13 deaths have been linked to the use of sodium phosphate laxatives.

The Legal Status of Cascara Sagrada

This natural compound was declared a controlled substance by the Food and Drug Administration in 2002. Manufacturers were prohibited from adding any form of Cascara Sagrada extract in their laxatives or other over-the-counter relief product. Equally as strange, aloe was also included in the ban as well.

Fortunately, the federal ban was overturned, and the compound is now legal for use and distribution. Nevertheless, it just goes to demonstrate the FDA’s propensity for outlawing any natural and proven-safe substance. Yet, synthetic drugs from Big Pharma remain legal in spite of the aforementioned deaths. Cascara Sagrada use hasn’t killed anyone as far as we know.

Anyways, we digress and get back to the main point. Cascara Sagrada has scientifically validated health effects, some of which we will go into detail.

1. Cascara Sagrada Is a Natural Laxative

We already established that Cascara Sagrada is a potent laxative. About 60 million people from North America alone suffer from periodic constipation. That’s roughly one in five Americans. The best remedy is to improve your diet. Stay away from all the processed stuff, including hormone-injected meat.

Of course, even the most avid health buffs stray every now and then. This is why your body could use a refresh. A natural laxative helps the body eliminate years of accumulated toxins.

The key to Cascara Sagrada’s magic lies in a substance known as anthraquinone. This helps the large intestines with the contractions needed to shuttle out the fecal matter. A 2012 research listed anthraquinones as a viable treatment option for chronic constipation.

2. Cascara Sagrada Treats Hemorrhoids

Hemorrhoids is another issue related to stool movement. This is the condition more commonly known as bleeding stools. This occurs due to inflammation in the veins in the rectum and anus. The same colon stimulation that helps with stool movement also helps bring down the inflammation and stops the bleeding.

Hemorrhoid flare-ups are also caused by too much straining during bowel movement. Cascara Sagrada promotes smoother number 2s, which eliminates the strain that causes the rectum swelling. When you have more frequent bowel movements with softer stools, your intestinal linings aren’t overstressed.

We must point out that, while far less common, bleeding in the stools may also be a sign of colon cancer. You don’t need to panic if you spot blood in the stools. However, if the blood is accompanied by extreme abdominal pain, then it may behoove you to see a doctor.

3. Cascara Sagrada Has Anti-Microbial Properties

Cascara Sagrada kills bad bacteria. This includes baddies like E. coli, Helicobacter pylori, and a range of other harmful germs in the staphylococcus family.

In addition, the compound also has anti-fungal benefits and can combat candida (yeast infection). Studies show that Cascara Sagrada contains a compound known as emodin, which helps fight off harmful parasites.

4. Cascara Sagrada Has Anti-Inflammatory Properties

The anti-inflammatory effects link back to emodin, which may help bring down swelling in the intestines. The anti-inflammatory properties are far-reaching and extend beyond the gastrointestinal tracts. One study suggests that emodin may bring down inflammation in and around the kidney. There’s also a study that proves emodin to be effective for treating inflammation in the joints and preserving collagen in arthritic patients.

5. Cascara Sagrada Promotes Immune Health

Once again, emodin is the compound that deserves due credit. Studies show that the compound boosts neuronal signaling between the brain and immune system. Various studies suggest that emodin may be effective for treating a number of cancers, though the mechanisms by which it achieves this remains unclear and warrants further studies.

One study showed that emodin induces apoptosis (cell death) in breast cancer cells. A separate study showed that it also promotes apoptosis of cancer cells in the lungs.

Eliminate Constipation for Good

It’s amazing how an extract from a cascara sagrada bark can alleviate a common ailment. Since Cascara Sagrada is a natural product, we included it in our new and upcoming supplement Digestive Refresh. It contains just the right dosage of the compound; we suggest checking it out if you experience stubborn bowel movements. After all, you shouldn’t feel like you’re pushing out a baby just to eliminate the contents of last night’s dinner.

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