When it comes to improving your gut microbiome and digestion, apple cider vinegar is one of the most powerful tools in your arsenal.

That’s because the main component of vinegar - acetic acid - is a metabolic by-product of healthy bacteria in your gut, that helps to balance out other bacteria (specifically lactic acid producing bacteria and pathogenic bacteria).

Acetic acid itself is a short-chain fatty acid that improves health when produced in the large intestine, but other bacteria can also use it to produce propionic acid and butyric acid (two other, very beneficial short-chain fatty acids).

Finally, organic ACV has the “mother”, which is the bacteria used to make the vinegar in the first place, and acts as a probiotic when consumed, further improving your gut microbiome.

Dilute about an ounce of it and drink it before big meals to maximum benefit.

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