30 Testosterone Boosting Foods (Grocery List)

What’s up everyone. Chis here from Truth Nutra, and today we are going to talk about a 30 item grocery list.

These are the things that you should be buying at the grocery store. We get a lot of questions about this. This is one of the most popular topics on Truth Nutra is, “What do I buy at the grocery store when I go grocery shopping for my weekly food?”

We’re going to hit this list. We’ve got 30 things. These are the top 30 things you should be focusing on for a testosterone booster diet.

#1: Potatoes

Everyone knows that carbohydrates are extremely important for testosterone production, but on one end grains have a lot of inflammatory properties and they don’t sit well with a lot of people.

Grains aren’t necessarily recommended, especially because of the inflammation. Then there’s research showing with too much simple sugar in your diet it also leads to low testosterone.

Also with gluten, again with the grains, I know the gluten free thing has become a bit of a fad, and some people have a problem with it, some people don’t. But there is actually studies showing that it increases prolactin levels significantly.

We recommend potatoes as the number one item that you should be consuming for starches when you go grocery shopping.

#2: Macadamia Nuts

Macadamia nuts are not only delicious, but they’re also a good source of saturated and monounsaturated fatty acids, which are very important for testosterone production.

They’re also really low in polyunsaturated fats, which are detrimental for testosterone production.

Grab yourself some macadamia nuts. I also like to put them in the freezer. They’re actually really awesome when you put them in the freezer.

#3: Epic Bar

Something that came out relatively recently in the past few years is called an “Epic Bar”.

These things are pretty great. I couldn’t even believe when I first saw them that instead of just getting a protein bar you could get grass fed bison beef. I think they had lamb and turkey as well.

This thing is called an epic bar. If you do snack, or maybe if you don’t snack but you need meals on the go grab some Epic Bars. They’re grass fed organic meat and they don’t have preservatives. They don’t have antibiotics or hormone treatment on the meat.

Epic Bars are great.

#4: Beef Gelatin

Beef gelatin is a good source of proline and glycine, which are two amino acids that also act as neurotransmitters and they help increase LH production, which leads to more testosterone production, but they also help you sleep really well.

A lot of people that consume beef gelatin will actually consume it before they go to bed. What happens is you sleep very, very soundly, and that sleep, that better increased quality of sleep is also amazing for your hormones.

Grab some beef gelatin. What you’ll also see is that you get a lot of the added nutrients from the beef that you don’t normally get when eating a steak.

Pick yourself up some beef gelatine. It’s relatively cheap and definitely a good investment in your health.

#5: Coffee

I know very few people who dislike coffee. I’m actually drinking coffee here myself out of this nice girly mug.

Coffee is great because it will increase cyclic amp levels, which can lead to an increase in levels of testosterone.

However, just be careful that you don’t drink too much coffee because it can stress your body out leading to an increase in cortisol. But it’s awesome in smaller amounts or in a reasonable amount to drink coffee.

Just so you know, the lighter the beans the higher the caffeine content in the coffee. Most people think it’s the opposite. Most people think the darker roast has more caffeine. It’s actually the lighter roast have more caffeine in them.

#6: Brazil Nuts

Brazil nuts, they’re personally my favorite nut. I really like the macadamias. I barely eat any nuts.

Most nuts are really high in polyunsaturated fats, but Brazil nuts and macadamia nuts are low in polyunsaturated fats, higher in monounsaturated fats and saturated fats, which are better for testosterone production.

But Brazil nuts have the added affect of being massively high in selenium. Selenium is something that most men, western modern men are deficient in selenium, and selenium is essential for thyroid hormone production in keeping your thyroid healthy. Consuming selenium in the form of just two Brazil nuts a day is really all you need to get a huge amount of the vital micronutrient into your diet, and it also tastes great.

Again, just like macadamia nuts, I like to freeze Brazil nuts and just grab two out of the freezer everyday, throw them in my smoothie or eat them as a snack. Not really a snack. I don’t really snack, but just eat them before I eat my meal and it’s just an easy way to get the right micronutrient selenium in your diet.

Now, there are two studies right here I’ll also throw up on the screen that show selenium because of the fact that it’ll increase glutathione production, which is a potent antioxidant, it will also boost testosterone production down stream, and we’ll put these two studies right here up on the screen.

Again, all you need is two Brazil nuts a day.

#7: Olive Oil

With Olive Oil, you have different options. There are some different options for cooking oil or for oils with salad dressings.

Olive oil is good because olives are high in monounsaturated fats. There’s also a study that showed that in two weeks these Moroccan men changed their main source of fat to the monounsaturated fats in olive oil and their testosterone increased by 17% and that was in 14 days.

The monounsaturated fats and saturated fats heavily dominate the fat profile of olive oil. The polyunsaturated fat content is very low, and it’s also an anti inflammatory oil. You get a couple added benefits.

Look for organic extra virgin olive oil. Brag has a good product for that.

#8: Raisins

Raisins are awesome not just for the fructose content, but they contain resveratrol, and resveratrol has been linked to an increase testosterone and lower estrogen levels in men in two studies.

Also there’s good research on grape seed extract in a high potency amount that also helps with the same reasons.

Also, and most people don’t know this, but raisins contain a good amount of boron. If you are not supplementing with boron, but you want to get boron from your diet raisins are a good day to do it.

#9: Parsley

Parsley is not necessarily one of those amazing tasting things that you just shove into your mouth and eat all the time, but it’s good for flavoring foods in your cooking.

Why would we recommend parsley? It contains a compound called apigenin. Apigenin increases the amount of steroid acute regulatory hormone or protein inside the Leydig cells of the testes.

Why is that important? Really what that does is that is the binding protein that delivers the cholesterol molecule into the mitochondria inside the testicles, which is then converted into testosterone.

If you’re going to choose anything to season your food parsley is one of the best things you can use.

#10: Ginger

Ginger is great because of it’s anti inflammatory properties through a compound called gingerol, which is a creative name apparently.

It also has angiogenic properties according to these two studies, and then this other study, which was actually an Iraqi study. A human study found a 17% increase in testosterone levels when men used ginger as a supplement.

Ginger is a good one to add to your list.

#11: Raw Cacao

You don’t have to really twist anyone’s arm to tell them that they should be eating chocolate products, cacao products, they taste great.

But they’re loaded up with other benefits. They have a lot of antioxidants in them and friendly gut bacteria and enzymes to help with digestion.

There is research that links it to an increase in cardiovascular health and lower blood pressure, as well as lower blood glucose levels.

You want to make sure that you’re getting the raw version of these cacao products but this is what’s linked to all these health benefits.

They also have a lot of minerals in them. These cacao products have magnesium, zinc, manganese and iron in them.

If you want a little bit of a dessert going on raw cacao products are great.

#12: Eggs

Eggs are an outstanding… People even have steak and eggs diets, which we’ve written about on anabolicmen.com, but they’re full of amino acids that you need.

They’re full of dietary cholesterol, and they’re also full of choline, which is an important estrogen methylator among many other benefits of having the choline. It has a good fatty acid ratio for testosterone production of the fat in the yolks.

A lot of these bodybuilders, these guys, more neurotic types just eat the egg whites, which you’re not having any of the nutrients of the egg. All the nutrients are really in the yolk.

I highly recommend eggs and I recommend eating the whole egg.

#13: Salt

We’re talking real salt here. Don’t use the crappy table sat necessarily, but get the some salt.

One of my favorites personally is Aztec sea salt, and the stuff lasts forever. I’ve had the same bag for a couple years now. I don’t use it that much. I don’t eat all the time.

Salt is incredible for your metabolism. Aztec sea salt specifically tastes outstanding. Basically they scrape it out of Mexican lagoons, salt lagoons. They packaged it up and sell it. It makes meat taste so good.

Go and definitely grab yourself just a bag of good salt. Again, I recommend Aztec sea salt, but there’s a lot of other good salts. A lot of people like Himalayan salt as well.

Just get some real salt in your diet because sodium is very important for cellular signaling. A lot of people try to avoid sodium unnecessarily and what happens, especially in healthier type people, people would be watching this video who are interested in their health, if you avoid the sodium for long enough what you do is you just wash out all the minerals from your body and you start to have issues because of low mineral levels.

It’s very common to see guys with low sodium. Higher calcium, lower sodium, lower magnesium, lower potassium. You want to make sure that you can get those minerals in your diet and get them from real sources.

#14: Argan Oil

Argan oil is actually oil that’s pressed from the argan tree kernel.

It’s basically a stable in the Mediterranean diet. It’s good for monounsaturated fats. There’s a study that I mentioned earlier talking about the olive oil where in Moroccan men it increased testosterone levels by 17%.

Here’s a study with the virgin argan oil I’m going to up on the screen right here where it was the main source of dietary fat for two weeks and it increased testosterone by 20%. It seems to have a similar effect.

If you’re looking for a good oil to have in your diet among coconut oil, maybe avocado oil and olive oil, argan oil is another good option.

#15: Avocadoes

Avocados are one of my favorite fruits. It is a fruit. It’s not a vegetable.

Over 70% of the calories basically in avocados come from fats and the fats are primarily monounsaturated fats, which are awesome for testosterone production.

Not only that but avocados taste awesome. You don’t have to eat massive amounts of them, but you can have an avocado or two or three in your diet every week and you’re going to get a good source of all these nutrients.

#16: White Button Mushrooms

Most people don’t even eat mushrooms outside of putting it on their pizza. White button mushrooms are a popular topping for pizzas.

The one thing here is there are three studies showing that the anti estrogenic effects of the polysaccharides in white button mushrooms are outstanding because they block the aroma taste enzyme action of converting testosterone into estrogen.

White button mushrooms are something that you should include regularly in your diet. What you can do is you can cook it up with some steak, have the mushrooms on the steak. That’s a good way to do it or you can make your own pizza at home, load it up with white button mushrooms.

They’re also very cheap. There are a lot of other variety of mushrooms that have good effects, but white button mushrooms, if you focus on that in your grocery list you’re going to be well off.

#17: Baking Soda

Baking soda can be used for many reasons, least of which you could have it as a pre workout actually because happens is it will increase cyclic amp in your body, which is cyclic adenosine monophosphate levels in your body which will lead to increased testosterone levels.

What happens is cyclic amp activates protein kinase A and serves as a secondary messenger between cells and hormones.

Studies have shown how it’s correlated with increase in testosterone and it’s very cheap. You can get baking soda just about anywhere.

But definitely go for more natural baking sodas because there also on the more commercial end they cut the baking soda with other things, chemicals that don’t even need to be there. Grab some baking soda for yourself.

#18: Yogurt

Yogurt, there’s been a lot of prebiotic looks, probiotics, enzymes looks into the effects of fermented foods on your gut health, and in general it’s very positive on your gut health if you’re not cutting the yogurt with tons of sugar, which tends to do the opposite.

For example, in this 2014 study, a group of researchers tested multiple different diets with added lactobacillus reuteri on male rodents. Reuteri is also in the new Truth Nutraceuticals supplement Floracil50, we had reuteri in there.

But in every case with the addition of the L reuteri to the rodent feed it increased testosterone, increased LH levels and it increased testicular size and weight and also prevented age related testicular shrinkage in these male rodents, as well as improving all seamen parameters and markers of social domination.

Certain probiotics actually have an amazing affect on males and lactobacillus reuteri is one of them. You can get it in yogurt. You can get it in probiotic supplements like Floracil50.

This other rodent study found that an increased exposure to healthy gut microbiomes lead to an elevated testosterone levels, and then this one saw that the probiotic clostridium scindens can literally convert the stress hormone cortisol into androgens inside the gut.

I wouldn’t write off probiotics as a fad. Probiotics are incredible bacteria that can do incredible things and you just have to know which strains you’re going for. Reuteri rhamnosus is another one with really good seamen parameters. That’s also in Floracil50.

You can get certain things in yogurts and if you enjoy yogurt having a good fermented yogurt like a Greek yogurt, a natural Greek yogurt on your list won’t do you any harm.

#19: Beef Jerky

Just grab yourself some grass fed beef jerky. There are a bunch of different options, but get some good quality beef jerky.

#20: Ground Beef

Really this is a good staple for all guys. It’s relatively inexpensive.

You can get high quality ground beef for cheaper then you can get steak and it adds more options for your cooking. You make burgers and so forth.

Get a lot of the good zoo chemicals and testosterone boosting micronutrients from the meat.

#21: Pomegranates

When men drank pomegranates for two weeks it was shown to increase salivary testosterone levels by 24% while also dropping diastolic and systolic blood pressure.

Now, in this study, another human study, associated with one to three year, which is considered long time pomegranate juice consumption there was a 35% reduction in arterial plaque. It protected LDL cholesterol oxidative damage and dropped blood pressure again.

In test tube studies the extract from pomegranates has also been found to be anti estrogenic, which we’ll show that study right there.

#22: Blue Cheese

Blue cheese is a fermented food just like yogurt. You either love it or you hate it.

I personally like it, getting some good raw blue cheese from raw milk. It contains a ton do friendly bacteria and enzymes that are, again, associated with an increase in testosterone production.

I have some studies, and it also has a good amount of vitamin K2 and saturated fats. Get some blue cheese.

#23: Dark Berries And Cherries

Why dark berries? Dark berries actually have a massive amount of antioxidants and are extremely healthy for their protective qualities for men and for testosterone and seamen parameters.

They also contain a fiber called calcium-d-glucarate, which shown up here on the screen can potentially help your body remove access estrogen. You also find that in grape seed extract.

Get yourself some dark berries.

#24: Grass-Fed Butter

This is a staple for cooking. It has a lot of vitamins. It has vitamin A, vitamin E, K2, vitamin D.

Those are all linked to healthy testosterone levels in men, and it also contains a good amount of T boosting saturated fat. Grab some grass fed butter.

#25: Sorghum Flour

If you get some good sorghum flour, not only is it gluten free but it also is a good source of increasing 5-a-reductase levels by 54% and that was in an in vitro study, which can help increase the conversion of testosterone to DHT.

Sorghum is a good thing to have in your diet if you are interested in increasing you DHT levels.

#26: Coconut Oil

There are many benefits to using coconut oil for a main fat source.

It has been show to increase cognitive abilities, increase testosterone production, increase thyroid hormones and boost metabolic rate.

Since it’s mostly saturated fat it’s awesome for optimizing your testosterone levels in your body, and there a lot of also thyroid researchers who are very into coconut oil for the medium change triglyceride action for helping your metabolic rate.

Coconut oil is a good one.

#27: Organic Bacon

This one is not hard to twist anyone’s arm into buying. Bacon tastes good.

Get some high quality bacon so you know you’re not eating antibiotic hormone fed meat. Get some high quality bacon.

It’s got a lot of dietary cholesterol, which we need cholesterol to convert into steroid hormones. Grab some bacon.

#28: Onions

Onions are great to throw in to sauté with some steak or a bowl, burrito bowl, that kind of thing. They have a lot of anti inflammatory phytochemicals.

In rodent studies, there’s actually three rodent studies there that showed an increase in testosterone and androgenic effect of giving the rodents the onions.

One of the coolest result is with onion juice. In rodent feed the researchers in this study found an increase of 300% average in testosterone levels when they put the onion juice into the rodent feed. That’s really awesome.

Again, that’s a rodent study, but we can assume that while it might not be as profound of an effect on humans probably going to be a similar effect.

#29: Garlic

Garlic, especially when in combination with vitamin C, whether you’re getting that vitamin C from citrus fruits or if you’re just supplementing with vitamin C, when you consume garlic it has been shown to increase nitric oxide levels significantly, which can be amazing for erectile dysfunction issues and for overcoming those issues.

Get some garlic and you won’t have any more problems getting it up.

#30: Oysters

Last but not least we have oysters. Oysters are high in zinc. They’re high in magnesium, selenium, vitamin D and copper. You get a lot of minerals in the oyster.

They’re also just high quality protein that you can eat a lot of. They contain d-aspartic acid, which has been a controversial compound back and forth of whether it increases testosterone or not, or whether those studies were rigged.

However, the oysters themselves are amazing food. They have a lot of minerals in them and as a protein source are high recommend. Grab yourself some oysters.


That wraps up our list of crucial groceries that you should be grabbing on a weekly basis.

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