If you have kept up with our past videos and posts, then you know minerals like magnesium, zinc, and boron are natural testosterone-boosting compounds. You can add vitamin E to the list. Aside from promoting supple skin and silky hair, the vitamin will also restore your manhood. The foods high in vitamin E have been listed before in previous posts, so if you have been following our advice, then you’re likely already set.

The Studies Behind Vitamin E

We’re sure you want proof that vitamin E is the real deal. Fortunately, there is ample scientific literature demonstrating the effects of this vitamin as a testosterone amplifier.

In a 1982 study, vitamin E-deficient rats were shown to have lower levels of luteinizing hormones (LH) and follicle-stimulating hormones (FSH). In men, FSH controls the production of sperm. Doctors also analyze a man’s FSH levels to get a gauge of his fertility health.

By contrast, vitamin E-supplemented rats had significantly higher levels of LH and FSH, not to mention higher levels of testosterone in their testicular tissue and blood plasma.

Vitamin E Lowers Polyunsaturated Fats (PUFA)

PUFA, as you may be aware of by now, is a form of fat we urge men to avoid or keep to a minimum. It’s a testosterone killer. How? PUFA’s molecular structure consists of long double carbon chains. The problem with this is that these carbon chains are easily oxidized by heat and light. The lipid peroxidation process also leads to the rancidification of PUFA, causing an uptick in oxidative damage. This causes the body to respond by releasing cortisol, thereby inhibiting testosterone levels as a collateral consequence.

Vitamin E is an antioxidant that essentially acts as a radical hunter and protects PUFAs from the peroxidation process. This revelation has been confirmed in multiple studies.

Vitamin E and Nitric Oxide (NO)

A 1998 study showed that vitamin E releases nitric oxide in the blood. NO increases the size of blood vessels, allowing for improved blood flow and the transport of nutrients. This ultimately results in better post-workout recovery and therefore, better muscle gains. This is why NO supplements are a fad and a huge sell in the bodybuilding industry.

From a health standpoint, NO also reduces arterial diseases and blood vessel inflammation. In short, NO promotes cardiovascular health.

In addition, vitamin E rich foods may also raise testosterone indirectly. A 2012 study found a correlation between NO and healthy sleep rhythms. Insomnia and erratic sleep patterns are a contributor of low testosterone.

For optimal NO production, consume more vitamin E foods. We also recommend a supplementation of grape seed extract, which has also been proven to boost NO.

Vitamin E and Gut Health

Followers know by now that TruthNutra is big on gut health, as it’s the center of activity that regulates overall hormonal function. As it turns out, vitamin E is another nutrient vital for regulating gut activity.

Vitamin E is a fat-soluble antioxidant that aids in the breakdown and digestion of fats. It also promotes absorption of other essentials vitamins, including vitamins A and D. When combined with vitamin C, E helps fight off inflammation and repairs damages from a leaky gut.

We recommend regular vitamin E intake and a probiotic supplement like Floracil50 for a happy and healthy gut.

Eat These Foods High in Vitamin E

Okay, so now that you know vitamin E is a kick-ass antioxidant, how can you get more of it? Luckily, vitamin E foods are also high in other testosterone-boosting minerals, so the items we list below constitute a double or triple whammy in terms of nutrient content.

1. Spinach

Unlike Popeye who got his spinach from a can, get yours from a fresh or frozen source. A 100-gram serving contains 13% the recommended daily allowance (RDA) of vitamin E, or about 2 milligrams.

Spinach is also high in numerous other vitamins, including A, C, and K1. Its minerals include magnesium, iron, calcium, and folic acid.

2. Egg Yolks

Many fitness enthusiasts eat the egg whites but discard the yolk, which is a waste. All the vitamin E in eggs are in the yolk. It also contains healthy fats and cholesterol for improving absorption. In addition, the yolk contains several lesser-known but key nutrients, such as the antioxidants lutein and zeaxanthin. Both are a form of carotenoids (vitamin A) that fight off macular degeneration.

While you shouldn’t overconsume eggs, it should definitely be a part of your daily diet. A 100-gram serving has 20% RDA.

3. Brazil Nuts

Surprise, surprise; brazil nuts make the list yet again. Among the foods rich in vitamin E, we especially recommend these nuts because they’re also rich in magnesium, selenium, and boron, all testosterone-boosting nutrients. Plus, this nut variety has a much more desirable monounsaturated fat to PUFA ratio compared to most other nuts. Never assume all nuts are comparable in nutrition, because they’re not.

Read up on our previous post to find out which nuts are good for testosterone and which ones should be avoided.

100-grams of this nut has over half the RDA at 52%.

4. Avocados

Avocados are known for their high monounsaturated fat content. They also have roughly the same vitamin E content as spinach at 20% RDA for a 100-gram serving. That’s not all, though; the fruit (it’s not a vegetable) also contains a bitter glycoside known as oleuropein. This was found to elevate T levels in a 2013 rodent study.

Whether you eat avocados whole or make guacamole dip, you want this nutrient-packed fruit on your dinner plate.

5. Shrimp

Yay! You now have an excuse for that weekend outing to Sizzlers. Shrimp is one of the good sources of the amino acid glycine, which is good for muscle growth, joint and cartilage repairs, and promoting sleep. In terms of vitamin E, a 100-gram serving contains 16% RDA.

Be sure, though, to stick to wild-caught shrimp and not farmed shrimp. The latter is loaded with heavy metals.

The Lesson? Vitamin E Matters

Vitamin E is one of the more overlooked vitamins. This is a shame because foods high in vitamin E can do wonders for male health. We recommend vitamin E foods the same way we recommend foods with other nutrients proven to raise testosterone. Make sure you get this vitamin in your body whether it be via food or supplement.

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