Food, and not some synthetic pill or powder, is the best source for increasing testosterone. Various vitamins and minerals increase testosterone directly or indirectly. Magnesium is one mineral that’s a must for boosting T levels. Fortunately, most foods rich in magnesium are also high in other nutrients good for men’s health or just health in general.

Skyrocket your testosterone naturally with these five magnesium rich foods. If you have a sweet tooth, then you’ll especially appreciate the first item on this list.

Magnesium Is Nature’s Testosterone Booster

Before we list the foods that contain magnesium, we want to validate this post with independent studies. Various researchers have confirmed that magnesium helps boost androgen levels to an astonishing degree.

Study #1

This study consisted of three groups of test subjects:

Group 1: took a magnesium supplement but did no workouts

Group 2: tae kwon do athletes that did martial arts training while taking magnesium

Group 3: tae kown do athletes that did the same training as group 2 but took no magnesium

The results? All three groups saw an increase in free testosterone, though group 2 saw the most increase. This shows that magnesium holds some potency even when no exercise is done.

Study #2

This study actually evaluated strength gains rather than testosterone levels. However, strength gain is proportional to muscle gain, so it’s very relevant. This study involved two test groups of young men between the ages of 18 and 30. Both groups did a series of weekly leg workouts. One group took a magnesium supplement while the other took a placebo. While both groups saw strength gains, there were vastly higher gains in the magnesium group.

Magnesium raises testosterone Indirectly

Magnesium may boost androgen levels in more ways than one. You may or may not be familiar with magnesium’s effects for combatting insomnia. There is plenty of scientific literature on magnesium acting as a natural sleep aid. Getting ample and deep sleep is another important factor for keeping testosterone levels high.

This is why TruthNutra carries product like Melatonin Liquid, which helps regulate your circadian rhythm.

5 Magnesium Rich Foods for Behemoth Testosterone Gains

1. Chocolate

Didn’t we say earlier that you would be happy at the first item on this list? Yes, you can boost magnesium levels (and therefore testosterone) by eating chocolate. However, don’t go buying a bulk bag of Hershey Kisses at your local Walmart just yet.

When we say chocolate, we’re not talking about your typical Snickers bar or See’s candy. We’re talking about raw cacao in its unrefined form. 100 grams of cacao contains 130% of your daily recommended magnesium intake.

You can find raw cacao in your local health store. The good news is that cacao is also abundantly available in other foods. If you love chocolate, then stick to solid dark chocolate without nougat or nut fillings. Some products indicate the percentage of cacao; the higher the figure the better.

Of course, dark chocolate still contains sugar, so it’s not a license to gorge without limit. It is, however, an excellent choice when you need to occasionally satisfy your sweet tooth.

2. Beef

Beef is high in saturated fats, healthy fats, which is vital for testosterone production. We recommend beef as your primary protein source. For meat lovers, this is definitely good news. This doesn’t mean, however, that it’s okay to load up on McDonalds cheeseburgers. Stick to lean beef, preferably grass-fed and from livestock raised without antibiotics.

Red meat is not the enemy everyone makes them out to be. Humans have been eating meat since the dawn of man. The studies that link red meat to heart disease don’t distinguish organic from processed, factory-farmed meat.

3. Spinach

It’s no surprise that Popeye was able to whoop Brutus’ ass after gulping down a can of spinach. 100 grams contain 22% of daily intake of magnesium. Aside from this T-boosting mineral, spinach is also high in apigening, another compound also known for elevating testosterone. Finally, spinach is also loaded in nitrates, which promotes healthy erectile function.

We recommend alternating between raw and cooked spinach. The former has higher concentrations of vitamin C, potassium, and riboflavin. The cooked variety, on the other hand, increases the bioavailability of vitamins E and A, iron, and lutein.

4. Brazil Nuts

Brazil nuts are loaded with magnesium and other testosterone-inducing minerals, such as selenium and monounsaturated fats. A 100-gram serving contains 94% of the daily amount of magnesium.

We must emphasize, however, that just because these nuts are among the magnesium rich foods does not mean all other types of nuts are also good for you. Certain nuts, such as peanuts, walnuts, and almonds contain higher ratios of polyunsaturated fats. Watch our video below to learn the truth about nuts and why some varieties lower testosterone.

5. Swiss Chard

This is another good vegetable if you want an occasional alternative to spinach. 100 grams contain 20% of the recommended daily allowance of magnesium. It also has a diverse nutrient profile, which includes vitamins C and K, and the all-important omega-3s.

For a magnesium-packed meal, we recommend a serving of lean beef with your choice of lightly sautéed swiss chard or spinach. Top this off with a sweet potato for a healthy carb source. You can have a block of dark chocolate candy bar as a post-meal snack.

What About Magnesium Supplements?

If you’re not particularly fond of any of the magnesium-rich foods above (who doesn’t love chocolate, though?), then you may certainly set your sights on supplementation. Magnesium supplements are relatively inexpensive and readily available at your local drug store.

Not all magnesium products are created equal, though. Magnesium citrate is a common and good choice because it’s easily absorbable by the body and also functions as a mild laxative, making it useful for those with constipation issues. Other good magnesium options include magnesium malate and magnesium taurate.

The worst choice is magnesium oxide, which is poorly absorbed since its non-chelated. Chelated means the mineral is bound to a negatively charged group. Chelated magnesium is much more likely to reach the intestines intact.

Your Homework: Eat Foods High in Magnesium

You don’t have to add every food on the above list to your daily diet. However, the known effects of magnesium on testosterone are well documented. Incorporate them in one combination or another to turn your meals into a testosterone-boosting powerhouse.

Magnesium is also included in Testro-X, our own natural testosterone booster for men here at Truth Nutra.