Master Your Testosterone: The Definitive Guide To Increasing Testosterone Naturally

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The Only Complete Testosterone-Enhancement Protocol In Existence That Allows You To Eat All Of Your Favorite Foods And Systematically Increase Your T-Levels Through The Roof... 

Quickly, Safely, & Naturally


This radically simple yet effective Testosterone-Optimization System works, EVEN IF you are:

  • Overweight or Obese
  • Have Varicoceles
  • Have a Pituitary Tumor
  • A Skinny Guy Looking to Build Muscle
  • Have Almost Zero Total or Free Testosterone
  • Have High Estrogen Levels
  • Have Thyroid Issues
  • Are Diabetic or Have Blood Sugar Issues
  • Are Getting Off of Steroid Cycles
  • Enjoy Eating Out Almost Daily
  • On a Tight Grocery Budget & Can't Afford to Buy Only Organic Food

...And even if you believe you've seen and tried everything!


But before I tell you what MASTER YOUR T is, I need to tell you what it ISN'T - that way there are NO FALSE EXPECTATIONS...


Master Your T is NOT another fad diet, it is not ANYTHING like your run-of-the-mill Men's Health BS Testosterone advice...

And it’s NOT a program for those guys who never take any action...Listen: You've been lied to enough! It's time to put away the "boosting" gimmicks and start using the real deal - fair?

This is definitely NOT some "Take this magic pill" solution that promises ridiculous results with no work. Rather...

Master Your T is a groundbreaking book that is the direct result of nearly a decade of study, and YEARS of digging through the trenches to find what REALLY works... 

As well as examining the REAL reasons behind testosterone "failures", so I could create a clever way for you to avoid these negative patterns. From this moment forward, you will have the tools to replicate the success of the thousands of other guys who've been through this exact protocol over the years...

These "step-by-step" strategies and the "avoid THIS" lessons are now YOURS to replicate... and that means:

  • Reaping the benefits of adding pounds of lean muscle tissue to your physique this year
  • Having an amazing sex life once again
  • Staying lean year-round (despite eating more satisfying meals than ever)


You’ll finally achieve the IDEAL Testosterone Level quicker and far easier than you've ever dreamed possible...


If you're looking for yet another Magic Pill Solution"... More garbage that doesn't work, never has worked, and never WILL work for you... Then you need to leave this page right now!

Master Your T  isn't some pie-in-the-sky fantasy land nonsense - it's the real deal, and it's only for folks like you who are really serious about optimizing their T-Levels naturally & FAST...

There are no press-a-button answers to succeeding in getting those sky-high T-Levels...

Here's what you can expect The Master Your T Book to deliver:

  • The FIRST thing I tell all of my high level private clients to get their endocrine system kicked into high gear… PLUS you’ll get a sneak peek of behind the scenes of my own personal journey. A journey that took my testosterone levels from an abysmal 11 ng/dL to nearly 1200 ng/dL - 100% naturally (hint: it flies in the face of conventional wisdom). Pg 9.
  • How this one little-known “positive feedback loop” can get your testosterone production cranking into high gear, and how to constantly feed the loop to enhance brain and endocrine function to superhuman levels. Pg. 39
  • How your ignorance of this one hormone is KILLING your testosterone production. It’s sneaky, and you may not even know it exists. But it is wreaking havoc on your T-Levels. Learn how it works, and how to put a stop to it now. Pg. 42
  • How to quickly lower the one hormone that inhibits protein synthesis, killing all of your muscle gains. Learn how to manipulate this hormone and muscle gain will become effortless. Pg. 44
  • How to quickly decrease your body fat levels to rapidly spike your testosterone production and reveal all that hard-earned muscle mass you’ve been building in the gym for years, but has been hiding underneath a layer of puffy fat. Pg. 50
  • How to eat less often and BIGGER, more filling and ‘manly’ meals to lose body fat, increase your T, and kick your muscle gain into high gear. Pg. 61
  • Learn which type of fat you NEED to avoid. You must never eat this fat or your endocrine system will quickly fall out of balance and your T production will screech to a halt. Pg. 76
  • How to train your body if you’re an endurance athlete, triathlete, runner, cyclist, or swimmer to optimize your sessions for optimal testosterone output possible. Don’t miss this checklist or risk destroying your hormones in the process. Pg. 111
  • How to train the connections between your muscles and your nervous system to maximize testosterone and growth hormone production before, during, and after your training sessions. And learn how often you need to train (and don’t train more) if you want to increase your T levels quickly. Pg. 100
  • How to fall asleep faster, sleep deeper, and optimize your hormone levels all night with these 14 quick and extremely useful tips and “hacks.” Pg. 141
  • And SO MANY more incredible tips... (Far too many to list here!)

Master Your T isn't just a solution for you...
It's the ONLY solution for you!

This is the new & updated 2016 replacement for the widely acclaimed TestShock Program (aka Test Shock)

Additional Information:
6" x 9"
548 pages

ISBN-13: 978-1537636542 
ISBN-10: 1537636545 
BISAC: Health & Fitness / Men's Health


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Jerry R.
United States

Master your T

I always assumed that I'm a total man and don't need any fine tuning of my T, until it was clear that that wasn't the case and mh T levels were dropping like a rock. Glad I came across your book on fb, I'm impressed with the knowledge its packing and I plan on buying the testro-x soon as I have some money. Thank you so much!!!

Neil T.
United States

Awesome info

Exellent book...i loved it