Mens Health Optimization Stack

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Are you ready to support your overall health and wellbeing by supplying your body with everything it needs for radiating health? 

If so, then the Truth Nutra Men’s General Health Stack is a must-have. 

When it comes to overall health, there are basic things we all know we need to do, like:

-Eat a healthy, varied, and balanced diet
- Exercise regularly using the appropriate types of exercise in the right amounts
-Get plenty of high-quality, restful sleep
-Reduce stress in our lives

But often this isn’t enough to achieve superior health. Compound this with the fact that life often gets in the way and that our food supply is less nutritious than it used to be, and it’s easy to see that we need to take an extra step. 

That’s where the Truth Nutra Men’s General Health Stack comes in.

By supporting several keys areas of health in your body, this stack bolsters and accelerates your body’s most important health processes. 

So what’s in the Truth Nutra Men’s General Health Stack?


In the past several years there has been a lot of research looking at the effects of gut bacteria on many areas of health, including immune function, stress reduction, brain function, and digestion.

As it turns out, having the proper balance of healthy bacteria in your gut is very closely connected to all areas of health, and may even be one of the top regulators of your nutritional well-being. 

Floracil50 contains 8 highly beneficial strain of bacteria, including strains from both the reuteri and lactobacillus family. Not only that, but unlike other probiotics, the bacteria in Floracil50 go through a patented freeze-drying process to keep them alive.


Stress is the ultimate aging and disease factor, and chronic stress directly opposes excellent health.

Cortigon is our premiere stress-reduction supplement designed specifically to calm your body and increase brain function.  

 It’s made up of 6 powerful ingredients - phosphatidylserine, ginko biloba, choline, inositol, l-carnitine, and DHA - all of which have been found to improve stress levels and increase cognitive function.

 Phosphatidylserine in particular has tons of research showing its wide reaching effects, even improving exercise performance and memory.

Raw One Men

 Vitamins and minerals are the basic micronutrients our bodies’ need for the myriad of functions it performs every single day.

 When we don’t get enough of a particular nutrient from our diet, deficiencies can creep in and cause problems throughout your entire body. Even if a true deficiency doesn’t develop, your nutritional status in your body can still be lacking, creating a lower quality of health and life than you deserve.

By supplementing with a multivitamin/multi-mineral, you can ensure that you never go a day without getting enough of any important nutrient.

But what really takes this supplement above and beyond other multivitamins is the fact that all the nutrients comes from real foods, ensuring that you’re getting the best nutrients possible.

Shilajit Fulvic Acid 

Shilajit is an ancient ayurvedic remedy that contains both humic acid and fulvic acid - two compounds that have recently been found to have amazing, wide-reaching benefits in the body, along with containing many nutrients on their own. 

Specifically, they seem to work by increasing the uptake and usage of nutrients by the cells, which makes all of your nutrition efforts that much more effective.

Because of this systemic effect throughout the body, it’s been found to have benefits such as improved gut health, better immunity, enhanced cognitive function, reduced inflammation, and healthier skin, making it a perfect addition for enhancing your overall health. 

Vitamin C

Vitamin C has often been called the “cornerstone of health”, and for good reason.

Primarily, it plays a critical role in your antioxidant defense system against free radicals, particularly water-soluble ones.

Not only that, but vitamin C protects all the other nutrients in your body from degradation, effectively protecting your nutritional status.

It’s even been shown in many studies that maintaining high levels of vitamin C in your body help protect against the common cold and even shorten its duration, clearly demonstrating its powerful effects on strengthening the immune system.

Since humans are one of the few species that can’t create their own vitamin C, and since it’s been reported that our ancestors got close to 1 gram of this vitamin per day (far higher than the current RDA of 60 mg), this is a critical nutrient to include. 


Zinc is a critical mineral and plays an important role in the function of over 100 enzymes in your body.

Particularly, zinc is a critical mineral for the immune system, bone health, protein synthesis, steroid hormone production, and even skin, hair, and nails. For men specifically, it plays a vital role in the production of testosterone. 

This mineral is so important for so many areas of the body that it’s a necessity in any protocol for overall health.

By combining the Truth Nutra Men’s General Health Stack with proper diet, exercise, and lifestyle factors, you will drastically improve your overall health and wellbeing, increasing the quality of your life and function of your body.

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